Rooney ‘slaps’ wrestler in WWE skit






Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney stole the show at a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event by ‘slapping’ a wrestler who goaded him at ringside.


Rooney has come under fire over a shortage of goals this season, but he showed that he could still find the target after being challenged by Wade Barrett during the ‘Raw’ show at Manchester Arena on Monday.

Spotting Rooney in the front row with his six-year-old son, Kai, Englishman Barrett told him: “I don’t like the way you’re looking at me, Wayne. You’re looking at me like you’ve got some kind of problem with me.”

After threatening to knock Rooney out, Barrett prodded him in the chest, only for the England skipper to react with a right-hand slap that sent the giant wrestler tumbling theatrically to the floor.

Barrett sparked a feud with Rooney by accusing the striker of diving to win a penalty against Preston North End, the team he supports, in last season’s FA Cup.

But as in all WWE fights, the pair’s coming-together was not to be taken seriously.


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