Can You Buy This N11 Million Headphones 


A newly released pair of headphones,the Orpheus will cost $50,000 ( N11 Million) when they go into production next year 2016.

Owned by German electronics company Sennheiser, Orpheus headphones have 6,000 individual components including gold-vapourised ceramic electrodes, platinum-vapourised diaphragms, and Carrara marble amplifier housing from Italy.

They are the successor to the Orpheus HE90 headphones which was released in 1991 and were widely regarded as the best headphones around.

Only 300 pairs were ever made, and even today a second-hand pair will set you back a tidy sum.

When you turn on the power on the new Orpheus, chromium-plated brass knobs extend from the amplifier housing and the eight quartz-encased vacuum tubes rise from the base and start to glow.

And there are eight digital-to-analog converters to get the best sound from low-quality music streams.

Sennheiser says the headphones will be produced from next year, with a limited run of 250 produced each year.

But despite the impressive specs, 11M is still…unbelievable! Some cars don’t even cost that much.


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An undergraduate at the University of Lagos. Department of Accounting.

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